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MARS POWER MX2212 KV920 Brushless Motor CCW for DJI Phantom F450 F500 F550

MARS POWER MX2212 KV920 Brushless Motor CCW for DJI Phantom F450 F500 F550

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Adopts the integral design of more effective protection of motor shaft, motor shaft
The design of a new type of impeller seat, more stable performance, more convenient disassembly
The 0.2mm core of lower temperature, load, efficiency promotion
Designed for multi rotor design, flat, multi slot pole outer rotor brushless motor, large torque, high efficiency, the most important is the X series of cost-effective route, stable and highly efficient, affordable.
The line extraction, convenient for the user according to the demand of wiring.
The motor base is a multi group installation hole (hole position chart), compatible with the current market mainstream rack installation, and to retain the appearance and the traditional motor consistency, to protect the coil, beautiful and clean appearance. Install the propeller way using the carbon propeller seat installation and free paddle clip installation, thole end knurling, use the more stable, the carbon blade, with the impeller cover, protect the propeller better, prevent compression deformation, and the lock immediately contact surface, the flight stability.
For large loads of X4112S, X4116S, using a large aperture bearing, low speed operation is more stable, the moment when high radial support. The whole system through dynamic balance test, to ensure that the motor running stability, low noise.
The test work of the motor is very detailed, static test match output multiple propeller in various throttle of performance, have been recorded in detail, and the maximum when the throttle is continuous 10-15 minutes long time testing, full load temperature in 10 minutes 60-70 Celsius, pumping test several motor, 24 hours of continuous operation, power in not attenuation, temperature also did not continue to rise. Dynamic testing machine, through a number of professional aerial photography workers, all praise, efficiency is not high, but the consistency and stability, go beyond, more important is a clear positioning, price. This series multi axis brushless motor, high efficiency, stable, affordable, professional, amateur preferred!


Prop Test Data MX2212-920KV
Voltage(V) Propeller(inch) Throttle Current (A) Watts(W) Thrust(G) RPM(RPM/Min) Efficiency (G/W)
11.1 APC 9X6 SF 85% 11.2 115 470 6150 4.09
APC 10X4.7 85% 11.3 120 680 6100 5.67
GP 10X4.5 90% 10.5 116 685 5763 5.91
Model: MX2212
Motor KV value: 920KV
Motor diameter: 28mm
Motor length (no shaft): 24mm
The stator diameter: 22mm
Battery: 2-3cells
No load current: 0.5A
The bottom of the mounting hole: 16mm*19mm
Shaft: 5.8mm
Weight: 62g
Package weight: 67 g
Range of use:
The DJI Phantom 1/2 F330 in Xinjiang elves frame F450 frame F550 frame Four axis, six axis and multi axis vehicle

Package Includes:

1 x MARS POWER MX2212 KV920 920KV Brushless Motor CW

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